HTC ONE M10 Mobile Phones


Since last few years the war between Android smartphone is going. And it seems, that it will not end. Every single brand want to takeover the sales of other brand. But only few fulfill the requirement of smartphone’s user. HTC is one of them. Many smartphone’s are launched every month by other brand to maintain their position stronger in the market. But HTC always stick with its plan and make the best smartphone’s for the growing generation. Here is the good news for the HTC fans. HTC is working on new Android smartphone. They named this new model as HTC One M10. The company will release it in three different variant.

  • HTC ONE M10 with 16GB Storage, 3GB RAM + Snapdragon 625
  • HTC ONE M10 with 32GB Storage, 3GB RAM + Snapdragon 820
  • HTC ONE M10 with 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM + Snapdragon 820

As per recent news, HTC is announced to launched HTC One M10 on the month of April. For last few years, there has been tremendous change in smartphone technology. HTC has also upgrade their phone time to time as per to the user requirement.

Now HTC is launching there new smartphone for the faster world and faster generation, with some tremendous features. HTC ONE M10 will have 5.15 inch display with 1440 X 2560 pixels Quad HD resolution, Android v6.01 Marshmallow with the processor of 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 820 and user interface of HTC sense 8. You will see many new features in HTC ONE M10 smartphone. HTC have already launched their two smartphones HTC One M9 and M9 Plus last year with lots of features and they have got good review from the users. So the company should organise new innovation for it’s upcoming smartphone to beat their big competitor.

Today the Taiwanese manufacturer reveals itself officially, through his Twitter account a little about the design we see in its new top of the range. Plus it gives us clues about the name that will as it presents the hash-tag #PowerOf10, so despite earlier rumors of a name change, HTC could use the familiar nomenclature.

The interesting thing about this picture is that it reveals a bezel, as the one we saw in the previous filtration where the design of the camera is displayed, indicating that the leak is true. It is also very sure that in coming weeks more leaks appear so you will not have to wait until the month of April.

With its new advanced feature it will give tough challenge to its competitors brand. For last few years HTC user are facing problem with their security system, here’s the good news for the HTC user it will come with Iris Eye Technology. With Iris Eye Technology you will feel full secure. It will have the latest Android OS (Marshmallow) and it will upgrade whenever a new OS will launch. With this much of features we have to say that HTC is definitely giving tough challenge to its competitors.

The phone possibly being introduced on April 12, but really could not go on sale until May. The latest news comes from king of the leaks, Evan Blass in @evleaks, which declared the handset will launch retail US on May 9. HTC usually has versions around the world for their mobile phones, so you should expect to see the phone while in the UK.

A HTC will launch May behind its main rivals in getting the market this year, most notably the Galaxy S7 G5 Samsung and LG. This may be due to sliding in the design process, or possibly a deliberate move to give the phone a little breathing space outside competition. Either way, it is risky for HTC who can see seduced away potential customers before they even played his hand.

The HTC One M10 price has not yet been announced. But it is expected to be a flagship high-end, so a launch price of around 45,000seems likely. The price seems to be set a little high, and, the retailer is using leaked images of the device in its product page, the reliability of its pricing scheme can rightly be put into question. We will keep you informed if other retailers begin to take pre-orders for the HTC One M10.