Features of HTC ONE M10

Speaking of HTC-10 (HTC one m10) features! It is only a few months since the launch of M9. First let’s check out what we have achieved with HTC One M9.

HTC One M9 – Launch March 2015

One M9 is one of the best high-end smartphone available on the market. It has excellent specifications, but only one of M10 will be far superior device with its high quality camera and the last performance of the battery. The phone comes with a 1080p resolution screen of 5.0 inches. You will have a great option to have excellent customizable user interface and integrated applications. It runs on quad-core processor and has 3GB of RAM. The key specifications of this device are its high performance with a more personalized user interface. But this year HTC will come up with something really out of the box. HTC One M10 also known as HTC 10 is to be a smartphone that not only perform multiple tasks, but also uses the best resources from which stand out from its competitors.

It is expected that the next HTC Smartphone M10 come with a large screen of 5.15 inches that 2016 will be the year of mobile phones large screen. One M9 has a screen with a resolution of 1080p, which is pretty good, so we can expect a minimum of 2K presentation in a M10 has 2650 x 1440 pixel resolution. You will be always active screen as seen with other flagship phones.

The company has added many new features to its next generation HTC One M 10 smartphone. You will see many advance features that will come with HTC 10. It will feel like you are watching the movie in theater with its 5.15 inch large display with 1440 X 2560 pixels Quad HD resolution in superb sound quality. With its huge storage capacity you can store many HD images and videos of your loved one. People will loves to take selfie with is HQ front camera. With its water proof and dust proof technique you can also use your while taking shower.

You will also see some new features including :

  • Mulit tasking
  • FingerPrint Scanner
  • Innovative light design
  • expected to add Iris Eye Technology
  • Fast Wireless Charging (100% in 30 min)
  • HTC Sense 8 UI
  • Water Proof